Welcome to the 10th Biennial Adoption Initiative Conference!

The Adoption Initiative 

St. John's University in Collaboration with Montclair State University

The Evolution of Adoption Practice: Activist and Community Perspectives

We are seeking to set a date for an in-person conference in March 2022. The specific dates are TBD. 

We want to hear from potential participants, so please look out for a poll regarding options for the conference.

The turmoil and uncertainty of the Covid-19 virus is testing us all. All of us at the Adoption Initiative Conference organization are holding our communities in mind, as we face the immediate and longterm effects of this health and economic crisis that is C-19. After much consideration, though we all want to look forward to a return to normalcy sooner than later, we realize it is most efficacious to postpone the 2020 Adoption Initiative Conference. Although we recognize the value of virtual conferences, we chose to seek the vitality of the opportunity to meet again in person! Initially, we postponed until October 21 - 23, 2021, however, given the course of the pandemic and our collective desire to have an in-person, face-to-face conference, we are once again postponing our conference until March 2022 (exact date TBD). Thank you to all who have submitted proposals already, we'll keep them on file for next year, and we are also keeping the submissions portal open. New due dates will follow soon. In the meantime, we wish for you the strength to endure. In particular, to our Asian community members, increased racism and violence continues to escalate, as times become more desperate. Let us stand together.

Please see The Adoption Initiative's Statement on Black Lives Matter #BLM(download PDF) crafted by Daniel Drennan ElAwar on behalf of the Adoption Initiative.  


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